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OnePacs plugin for Horos

Post by caze.frazao » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:04 pm

The buttons to access OnePacs information of a study by Horos became inactive in my computer when I installed OnePacs Desktop (macOS) version 1.1.0.
Is there anything that I have to adjust to become they active again?


john (from OnePacs)
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Re: OnePacs plugin for Horos

Post by john (from OnePacs) » Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:26 am

Do you mean the OnePacs integration plugin for Horos is not working for you any more?
I.E., when you want to open a report or see information for a OnePacs study, when using Horos?
If so, do you mean the integration tools don't show at all, or appear inactive/"grayed out"?

First, the OnePacs study retriever must be running (as the study retriever obtains the information from the OP servers). Make sure it is running and logged in to onepacs.

The tools are supposed to gray out if the study is not recognized as being from OnePacs, but be active if the study is from OnePacs.
Is it possible the OnePacs host is not set to the correct value in preferences?

(Horos preferences > OnePacs integration > OnePacs host)

the OnePacs host should be the same as the URL of the server you use to log on to OnePacs (e.g.,

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