Release Notes - OnePacs version 10.14

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Release Notes - OnePacs version 10.14

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OnePacs is pleased to announce the upcoming release of version 10.14 of the web application! This release contains new features, enhancements to existing features, and other improvements. This version will be rolled out the week of April 3rd and will happen automatically. The release notes for OnePacs 10.14 are detailed below.

Introducing OnePacs Web Viewer - a new lightweight, diagnostic, medical image viewer for modern web browsers. This new viewing option will be available to users that are using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge and who have permission to view studies. The OnePacs Web Viewer is available by right-clicking on a study and selecting View -> Web Viewer. It may also be configured as the default viewing application in user preferences. We are already working on the next round of new features for this viewer and look forward to your feedback and ideas. For more information about the OnePacs Web Viewer, please see the online documentation.
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Other notable enhancements:
  • A new study uploading tool has been added that takes advantage of modern web technology. This tool does not require Java or other browser plugins. It is able to scan DICOM files/directories (or zip files containing DICOM images), identify the patient/study in the images prior to upload, and efficiently upload to the OnePacs Cloud.
  • A facility-level configuration item was added to control the "issue report addendum” option. This feature may be disabled, always enabled, or be optional with a configurable default value.
  • The "requires results reporting" checkmark will always be removed when results reporting data is submitted.
  • Post processing rules may now be executed on studies up to 30 days old.
  • Radiologists will no longer be able to toggle stat status from the worklist unless they additionally have the “Confirm study” permission.
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