Release Notes - Onepacs version 15.8

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Release Notes - Onepacs version 15.8

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OnePacs is pleased to announce the upcoming release of version 15.8 of the web application! This release is largely focused on improvements to the study tags feature and the Cloud Report Editor. This upgrade will be rolled out the week of September 2nd and will happen automatically. The release notes for OnePacs 15.8 are detailed below.

Study Tags
  • Study tags may be applied via post-processing rules
  • Study tags are now searchable from the worklist
  • Study tags may now be used in report authoring restrictions

Cloud Report Editor
  • Simplified editing modes (Basic / Advanced)
  • Report generator templates may now be applied to findings entered in text mode (i.e. RG auto-mode in classic editor)
  • Standard report texts may now be used in Advanced mode (formerly RG mode)
  • Hovering over the viewer icon will now show all available viewer options
  • The ability to download completed reports in DICOM format from the worklist was added. User may select DICOM Structured Report, encapsulated PDF, or images.
  • Completed reports for multiple studies may now be exported via the worklist
  • Custom order properties may now be included in data export
  • Conditional report template content may now evaluate custom order properties and custom DICOM tags

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