Release Notes - Onepacs version 15.13

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Release Notes - Onepacs version 15.13

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OnePacs is pleased to announce the release of version 15.13 of the web application! This release is primarily focused on a new Cloud Modality Worklist (cMWL) feature but also includes some unrelated enhancements to existing features. This upgrade will be rolled out the week of March 16th and will happen automatically. The release notes for OnePacs 15.13 are detailed below.

Cloud Modality Worklist (cMWL):

Cloud Modality Worklist is a feature that allows a centralized HL7 order (ORM) feed to the OnePacs Cloud to provide local DICOM modality worklist functionality to local imaging modalities at multiple locations via the OnePacs Gateway. Effectively, each OnePacs Gateway instance synchronizes it’s modality worklist schedule from the OnePacs Cloud without the need for VPN connections or multiple, site-specific HL7 feeds. Contact OnePacs Support for more information or for pricing information.

Other notes:
  • The Cloud Editor is now the default reporting editor preference for new users.
  • Study type billing code is now available to facility users in the data export feature.

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