Release Notes - Onepacs version 16.0

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Release Notes - Onepacs version 16.0

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OnePacs is pleased to announce the release of version 16.0 of the web application! This release includes a wide range of new features and enhancements to existing features. This upgrade will be rolled in early June and will happen automatically. The release notes for OnePacs 16.0 are detailed below.

Case Links
  • The Case Links feature has a refreshed look and feel for a better user experience.
  • The web viewer and RemotEye viewer and now available for password protected links.
  • A zip archive of the DICOM images may now be downloaded.
Cloud Report Editor
  • Dictations with OnePacs Cloud Voice Recognition may now be saved and played back. Dictations are saved for 60 days and are only available to Administrators, Radiology Assistants, Transcriptionists, and the assigned Radiologist.
  • OnePacs Cloud Voice Recognition now supports additional modern browsers such as Firefox and Edge.
  • The report completion timer feature is now available in the Cloud Report Editor.
  • The Cloud Report Editor now supports multiple tabs.
  • Support for viewing of DICOM encapsulated PDF documents was added.
  • A user preference was added to hide standard report texts that are shared by other users.
Peer Review
  • A feature that allows limiting the number of peer reviews for certain radiologists was added
  • It is now possible to create a group-wide peer review policy.
  • Additional peer review reports were added
Data Export
  • Data Exports may now be scheduled on a periodic basis. It is no longer necessary to wait for a report to generate in real-time. Once reports are generated they may be downloaded immediately through the web interface
  • The most recent scheduled data export may by downloaded programmatically via API request.
  • An option to export the proofreading completion time was added
Post Processing Rules
  • The capability of post-processing rules has been expanded with new triggers based on manual confirmation and addendum requests. Patient history text from confirmation may now be used in making rules.
  • A default post-processing rule may now be specified by an administrator. This rule will be used for facilities that are not configured with a post processing group.
  • A facility-level configuration was added that prevents facility users from disregarding or marking as comparison a study that is locked for interpretation.
New permissions
  • Delete draft reports - allows radiology group users the ability to delete draft reports that they did not author
  • Submit reports for proofreading - allows radiologists to submit reports for proofreading if the facility permits it

  • Completed Reports are now available in the RemotEye viewer to users that have permission to view reports.
  • The manual case assignment menu has been improved to hide inactive radiologists and annotate radiologists that would be restricted by reporting restrictions.
  • The user account request page has been updated with a new look and feel.
  • An option for a proofreader to save edits was added. This retains the study's "dictated" status and allows for further proofreading edits.
  • Many other minor enhancements and optimizations.

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