Release of OnePacs Desktop for Windows, version 15.0

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Release of OnePacs Desktop for Windows, version 15.0

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OnePacs is pleased to announce the release of OnePacs Desktop for Windows, version 15.0

Features/improvements of this release include:

  • Performance improvements in the study retriever
  • The option to use "web login" has been added, allowing the study retriever to authenticate to OnePacs automatically when a user logs in to the worklist
  • A "current image" indicator has been added to the thumbnails progress bars
  • An on-screen hourglass indicator (in the study tab) has been added to indicate when new images are being received for a study
  • Performance enhancements to the Workstation, particularly for large cases (such as mammography)
  • Speed of stacking through large studies has been improved
  • A quadrants view tool has been added for mammography (or other modalities) (Q keystroke)
  • Improved readability of SUV measurements for PET
  • Synchronized stacking tool option will now default to attempting synchronization only within the current study, rather than across studies
  • Other minor improvements
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