OnePacs version 16.12 is being released

Release notes, system requirements, security alerts, etc.
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OnePacs version 16.12 is being released

Post by admin » Thu Sep 16, 2021 10:33 am

OnePacs version 16.12 is being released during the time period September 16 through 22

The rollout will happen automatically and no user action is needed.

Features of this update include:
-A service hours feature that allows groups to set hours during which studies may be sent from different facilities for interpretation.
-A new scheduling interface with improved, modern GUI that allows schedules created for one feature of the system to be used for other features (eg, use an auto-assignment schedule to schedule a radiologist's active hours)
-A default state for the checkbox for "[x] Limit to related studies" in the Cloud report editor can now be set (on or off)

-Various user interface improvements

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