Release of OnePacs version 16.16

Release notes, system requirements, security alerts, etc.
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Release of OnePacs version 16.16

Post by admin » Thu May 26, 2022 8:57 am

The OnePacs servers have been updated to OnePacs version 16.16.

Primary features of this update include:
  • Numerous enhancements related to the integration of third party VR solutions have been implemented. Please contact OnePacs sales if you would like further information on this offering.
  • A data export stream feature has been added which can export a great variety of system information at regular intervals for radiology group use for analytics. An example of one type of data that may be provided is case assignment information, such that groups may create a real-time dashboard (using analytics tools managed by the group) to visualize radiologist workloads in real time.
    As this feature is custom-implemented per each group's needs, please contact OnePacs sales if you would like further information on this offering.
  • An API has been created that allows groups to retrieve their facility configuration information from OnePacs, including a list of all facilities defined for the group, and data related to the facilities' configuration, such as option/preference settings, service hour schedule, and study fees.
  • The worklist refresh can be paused and restarted by clicking on "pause" and "play" icons next to the worklist refresh icon.
  • Users' study history audit data may be filtered by date and exported to .csv

Additional features of this update include:
  • Study type ID can be exported for read cases in Data Export
  • Icons for notes and flags have been refreshed on the main worklist for better visibility, particularly for the "unread" note status.
  • Checkboxes have been added to allow deletion of multiple report distribution rules or report destinations at once
  • "Preliminary report requested" has been added as a dropdown menu filter option for worklists
  • Order tab results may be filtered by control code
  • An option has been added to preferences for the cloud report generator allowing users to specify whether or not blank lines should be added after subsections
  • For QA reports put in for the purpose of peer review, the notification emails can be set to start with "Peer Review" rather than "QA report" by beginning the reporting user name with "Peer review"
  • Numerous user interface tweaks and enhancements.

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