Report Generator version 1.6 released

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john (from OnePacs)
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Report Generator version 1.6 released

Post by john (from OnePacs) » Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:00 pm

Report Generator, version 1.6, was released on November 13, 2016.
This is a major update with many new features. Users will be automatically prompted to update.

Features of this release include:
  • Automatic extraction of measurements from DICOM structured report data and insertion into reports. This allows for example, reports for ultrasound studies to be automatically populated with technologist measurements such as OB/GYN biometrics, organ sizes such as kidney/spleen/uterus/ovaries, common bile duct diameter, and so on.
  • A standalone mode of use, in which the Report Generator can connect directly to DICOM devices such as a PACS systems, modalities such as CT/MR/US scanners, or DICOM viewing software to obtain a list of cases to report. The DICOM data is retrieved and used to automatically select an appropriate template type. Worklist status is automatically coordinated among multiple users, preventing double reads. Reports can be copied, stored locally, or stored back to the DICOM device as a DICOM Structured Report.
  • A large database of fully anonymized text segments drawn from a database of actual radiology reports (purchased from radiology groups by the Report Generator project) is now accessible to users searching for assistance or suggestions in report phrasing. This is available in the graphic interface mode of report editing.
  • Complex Shortcuts (macros) can now be defined to generate complex report text with a minimum of effort. For example, the phrase “macro upj stone left 5” could be converted to the following phrase “There is an approximately 5 mm obstructing calculus at the left ureteropelvic junction with mild associated hydronephrosis.” In this example, “macro upj stone” would represent the macro trigger, and 'left' and '5' represent values passed to the macro for insertion into appropriate locations. If the user dictated "macro upj stone right 4", the resulting text would be "There is an approximately 4 mm calculus at the right ureteropelvic junction with mild right hydronephrosis.
  • A shortcuts only mode of use of the Report Generator is also now available for use within the OnePacs system. The 'shortcuts only' feature allows users to compose report text in a PACS reporting system, such as the OnePacs report edit window, and click the 'auto-mode' button to simply scan through the report text and replace ‘shortcuts’ in the report text (described above) with complex phrases. That is, users need not use the full reporting functionality of the Report Generator system to take advantage of the advanced OnePacs shortcuts feature; users may use alternative reporting systems but simply take advantage of the shortcuts feature alone.
  • Extensive improvements and additions have been made to the built-in default Report Generator report template library.
  • Various other improvements and enhancements.

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Re: Report Generator version 1.6 released

Post by markkime » Thu May 02, 2019 1:57 pm

I need to populate reports with measurements from Philips ie33 ultrasound machines so I am interested in learning how to make this happen. I have some experience with hl7 interfaces but OnePacs is all new to me. Could you direct me to where I can learn the process. I should start with the report generator, is it a separate module I would need to purchase? Thanks for any advice

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Re: Report Generator version 1.6 released

Post by justin » Thu May 02, 2019 2:10 pm

Hi Mark,

Take a look at this page: ... extraction

Note, you need to be a OnePacs user and register for an account to access this page.



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