Shortcuts and Phrase Groups

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Shortcuts and Phrase Groups

Post by paulokuriki » Sun May 07, 2017 11:34 am

Hi guys

Some comments about the Content library module:

I entered some phrases in my content library. But when I define some shortcuts for them, two unexpected behaviors happen.
1. Sometimes, a shortcut appears duplicated at Menu -> Library -> Phrases shortcuts.
2. Many times, the shortcut doesn't appear at the menu above, and doesn't work, even confirming it is correctly saved.

Another small glitch, when I move a phrase to a Phrase Group dragging it with the mouse, it works. But when I use the popup menu Add To Phrase Group, nothing happens. This happens to Add and Remove to Phrase Group.

One suggestion: When we are typing a phrase at the Findings textbox, it updates the list at the left frequently. Sometimes, this makes typing not such a fluid process. Maybe, if it was updated just when it loses the focus from the textbox, the usability would be smoother.



john (from OnePacs)
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Re: Shortcuts and Phrase Groups

Post by john (from OnePacs) » Tue May 09, 2017 12:48 pm


Thanks for your feedback. This actually refers to some known issues within some uncommonly used aspects of the RG that most users havent ventured into. We have been working on all this, and will put out an update soon to address these issues.


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