Release Notes - OnePacs Desktop for Windows version 8

Release notes, system requirements, security alerts, etc.
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Release Notes - OnePacs Desktop for Windows version 8

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OnePacs is pleased to announce the release of version 8.1 of OnePacs Desktop for Windows (which includes OnePacs Workstation viewer and Study Retriever). This release is available in the "Downloads" section in the OnePacs web application and will be made available the week of February 19th. Although upgrading to version 8.1 is not required, all users are encouraged to upgrade at their convenience.

The ability to calculate standard update values (SUV) was added. The formula used is configurable in Options -> SUV Forumla



64-bit Study Retriever
The OnePacs Study Retriever is now a 64-bit application! As a result of the additional memory available, the Study Retriever now has enhanced throughput capabilities.

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