OnePacs Desktop 2.7 for macOS is being released

Release notes, system requirements, security alerts, etc.
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OnePacs Desktop 2.7 for macOS is being released

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OnePacs Desktop for macOS, version 2.7, is being released the week of May 24.

This release offers users the ability to see, while reviewing any given local/downloaded case, other/prior studies that exist for that patient on the OnePacs servers. Any such studies which are not locally downloaded already can be requested from the cloud from within the viewer, and will be downloaded and displayed, without the user needing to access the worklist.

Documentation on this feature is available here.

Additional features include:
-Improvements to log file management, to conserve disk space
-Performance improvements in the study retriever
-Issue persisting the preference "Store study retriever's copy of studies locally for <time period>" across restarts of the retriever has been fixed
-Other minor fixes and improvements
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